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Saturday, August 1, 2009

One More To Go

It is Saturday August1, 2009 and tomorrow will be the final show in the 31 Shows Missions Tour. Wow, it seems like it was all a blur. I won't have the final totals until a few more checks are in this week, but I am hopeful that the number is significant enough to encourage those who participated as well as to tip those from the sidelines to curious. Once the documentary is finished I will get it to all of you.

Thanks Pastor Dave Macer for letting me stay with the family on Friday the 7th. If you're looking for a golf buddy he's your man.

Stuart Bond and his church team made me want to move to Thousand Oaks. It's nice out there. Plus, he did spring for coffee.

Again, much thanks to Brenda and her team at Yosemite church. They put on a first class event and managed to make a rather hot summer evening the place to be in their community. They led with a jazz band. Four of the shows had jazz as the openers - it worked really well. Thanks to God for such talented and willing musicians.

The high school kids at Redwood Christian Camp in Santa Cruz could not have been a better audience. I was a little skeptical about doing a full show for teenagers, but they proved to be a thought provoking enthusiastic bunch. Jeff Baucham made Rocket and I feel right at home. If we didn't have to get back the next day, we would have stayed for the rest of the camp. god was moving in those mountains with those young adults.

Dru and the men at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara well it was just the most amazing evening of worship. The band really connected with the men and all seemed to be pouring their hearts out for the Lord through the songs. I was so moved and just felt so connected to the guys I had just met. They are doing some amazing things with their mens ministry. Thanks Dru.

I wll have a few final thoughts after tomorrow. God bless you all.

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